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Build ZFS


This install procedure only works on Armbian Buster


Tested with Linux helios64 5.10.16-rockchip64 / Armbian 21.02.2

This page describes a method to easily build ZFS on your system in case the DKMS install method described here fails.

Step 1 - Install Docker

You can easily install docker by using armbian-config tool.

armbian-config -> software -> softy -> docker

Step 2 - Create Dockerfile

Create dedicated directory with the required Dockerfile

mkdir zfs-builder
cd zfs-builder
wget -O Dockerfile

Build docker image for ZFS building purpose.

sudo docker build --tag zfs-build-ubuntu-bionic:0.1 .

Step 3 - Build and install ZFS packages.

chmod +x

On succeed, you may need to reboot and enable services:

sudo reboot
sudo systemctl enable zfs-import-cache  zfs-mount  zfs-zed

Page contributed by samorodkin

Reference Armbian Forum Dicussion

Last update: February 26, 2021