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Go to Kit Assembly to find out how to assemble your Helios64 enclosure kit.


What you need before you start:

1. microSD Card
You need a microSD Card UHS-I with a minimum capacity of 8GB to be able to flash Helios64 image.

We recommend the following models:

  • SanDisk Extreme microSDHC UHS-I Card (32GB)
  • SanDisk Extreme PRO microSDHC UHS-I Card (32GB)
  • Strontium Nitro MicroSD Card (16GB)
  • Samsung microSDHC UHS-I Card EVO Plus (32GB)

Recommended SDcard

2. USB Type-C to Type-A cable
Type C to Type A USB cable

3. Ethernet cable (cat5/6)
Network cable

Install Options

Helios64 supports two OS installation options :

  1. Install OS on eMMC Flash

    Recommended if you know already what system setup you need.

  2. Install OS on microSD Card

    Good if you want to experiment first and/or test different OS image versions. You will still be able to migrate your OS on eMMC Flash without redoing a fresh install.

Note: We will introduce additional install options in the new future.

If you are facing an issue, you can go on the Armbian forum to ask for some help. There is a thread dedicated to Helios64 support.

Last update: October 14, 2020