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Front Panel

Helios64 provides an external front panel interface via a 24-Pin header (P3) in order to expose system buttons and LEDs.

P3 Location


P3 Pinout

PIN Port Direction
1 SATA Consolidated Activity LED
2 Power On LED
3 Ground
4 Ground
5 RESET Button
6 POWER Button
7 USR1 Button
8 USR2 Button
9 Network Activity LED
10 USB Activity LED
11 3V3
12 System On LED
13 System Error LED
14 SATA 0 Activity LED
15 SATA 0 Error LED
16 SATA 1 Activity LED
17 SATA 1 Error LED
18 SATA 2 Activity LED
19 SATA 2 Error LED
20 SATA 3 Activity LED
21 SATA 3 Error LED
22 SATA 4 Activity LED
23 SATA 4 Error LED
24 Ground

Wiring Example

LED wiring:

P3 LED Wiring

LED output pins are Active High.

Button wiring:

P3 Button Wiring

Button input pins are Active Low.

Helios64 Enclosure

The official Helios64 enclosure comes with a specially designed front panel that connects to the 24-Pin header (P3) and USB 3.0 Port (J1). This front panel exposes all the on-board LEDS and Buttons required to operate the Helios64 NAS along with an USB 3.0 port for data loading / offloading.

Front Panel Label

PCB Details

Front Panel PCB RHS

  • All switches are push buttons.
  • All Error LEDs are red while Status / Activity LEDs are blue.
  • USB 3.0 Port is provided by a USB 3.0 Type A Female to Male extension cable.

Front Panel PCB LHS

PCB Wiring

The Helios64 Front Panel is already mounted with the USB 3.0 extension cable and with a ribbon cable + header snapped to the ICD connector (P1).

The wiring between Helios64 main board and the front panel is illustrated in figures below:

Front Panel Connection 1

Front Panel Connection 2


Please be careful with the 24-Pin header polarity. Make sure that Pin 1 of main board P3 header is connected to the Pin 1 of front panel P1 ICD connector.

Last update: October 20, 2020