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Front Panel

Helios64 provides an external front panel interface via a 24-Pin header (P3) in order to expose system buttons and LEDs.

P3 Location


P3 Pinout

PIN Port Direction
1 SATA Consolidated Activity LED
2 Power On LED
3 Ground
4 Ground
5 RESET Button
6 POWER Button
7 USR1 Button
8 USR2 Button
9 Network Activity LED
10 USB Activity LED
11 3V3
12 System On LED
13 System Error LED
14 SATA 0 Activity LED
15 SATA 0 Error LED
16 SATA 1 Activity LED
17 SATA 1 Error LED
18 SATA 2 Activity LED
19 SATA 2 Error LED
20 SATA 3 Activity LED
21 SATA 3 Error LED
22 SATA 4 Activity LED
23 SATA 4 Error LED
24 Ground

Wiring Example

LED wiring:

P3 LED Wiring

LED output pins are Active High.

Button wiring:

P3 Button Wiring

Button input pins are Active Low.

Helios64 Enclosure

The official Helios64 enclosure comes with a specially designed front panel that connects to the 24-Pin header (P3) and USB 3.0 Port (J1). This front panel exposes all the LEDS and Buttons required to operate the Helios64 NAS along with an USB 3.0 port for data loading / offloading.

Front Panel Label

PCB Details

Front Panel PCB RHS

  • All switches are push buttons.
  • All Error LEDs are red while Status / Activity LEDs are blue.
  • USB 3.0 Port is provided by a USB 3.0 Type A Female to Male extension cable.

Front Panel PCB LHS

PCB Wiring

The Helios64 Front Panel is already mounted with the USB 3.0 extension cable and with a ribbon cable + header snapped to the ICD connector (P1).

The wiring between Helios64 main board and the front panel is illustrated in figures below:

Front Panel Connection 1

Front Panel Connection 2


Please be careful with the 24-Pin header polarity. Make sure that Pin 1 of main board P3 header is connected to the Pin 1 of front panel P1 ICD connector.

Last update: April 27, 2020