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Helios64 Introduction.

Helios64 is a powerful ARM board specially designed for Network Attached Storage (NAS). It harnesses its processing capabilities from the Rockchip RK3399 SoC.


Helios64 is our latest design for the ultimate ARM powered NAS. Compared to the Helios4, it offers improvement on every single key aspect :

  • More storage capacity with 5x SATA ports,
  • Greater network throughput with Multi-Gigabit Ethernet (2.5 GbE),
  • Faster and Larger Memory with 4GB LPDDR4,
  • More functionalities with Display Port and DAS modes support,
  • Reinforced reliability with Built-in UPS.

Overall Specifications


Board Specifications
SoC Model Rockchip RK3399 - Hexacore
2x Cortex-A72 + 4x Cortex-A53
SoC Architecture ARMv8-A 64-bit
CPU Frequency A72 : 1.8 GHz
A53 : 1.4 GHz
Additional Features - GPU Mali-T860MP4
- Video Encode/Decoder Engines
- Security Acceleration Engines
- Secure Boot
*ECC option available 2021
eMMC 5.1 NAND Flash 16GB
SPI NOR Flash 128Mb
HDD/SSD Interfaces
SATA 3.0 Ports 5
M.2 SATA 3.0 Slot 1 (shared with SATA port 1)
Max Raw Capacity 80 TB (16 TB drive x 5)
External Interfaces
Multi-Gigabit LAN Port (2.5Gbe) 1
Gigabit LAN Port (1Gbe) 1
USB Type-C 1
Supports following:
- DisplayPort Mode
- DAS Mode
- Host Mode
- Serial Console
USB 3.0 3
microSD (SDIO 3.0) 1
Developer Interfaces
I2C 1
On-Board HDD Power yes
Built-in UPS yes
RTC Battery yes
DC input Dual 12V inputs
Wake-on-LAN yes
Front Panel Extension yes

Helios64 Top View


Mechanical Specifications
Board Dimension 120mm x 120mm
Board Weight 180gr (without heatsink)
Case Dimension (H x W x D) H 144mm x W 222mm x D 250mm
Case Weight 3.5Kg (without HDD)
Case Material Aluminum + Metal


Software Specifications
Operating System Linux Debian and Ubuntu
Kernel Version 4.4 and 5.8
U-Boot Version 2020.07
Software Partners - Armbian: Debian and Ubuntu for ARM board
- OpenMediaVault: Linux NAS turn-key solution
- Syncloud: Cloud services at your premises
- Nextcloud: The File Hosting Solutions

Where to Start ?

Once you have received your Helios64, this wiki will run you through all the necessary steps to setup your system.

  1. Kit Assembly - How to put together your Enclosure Kit.

  2. Download - Get the latest OS build to install.

  3. Install - 1st startup and set-up instructions.

  4. Hardware - Understand Helios64 hardware and take advantage of all its features.

Support Forum

If you are facing some issues, you can go on Armbian forum to ask for some help. There is a dedicated Kobol Club for our products.

Armbian Kobol Club

Last update: November 25, 2020